How we calculate NPS Scores

1. How we collect Net Promoter Score® Data

Index NPS gathers NPS® data from publicly available sources. In cases when we do not find an NPS score for a company, we use company’s Facebook Social Post behavior. Index NPS aggregates the last 100 social posts of a company and extracts each social post behavior, such as "Like", Angry, Sad, Happy. Based on the social data, we create an NPS score which is based more on social data rather than survey data.

2. How we calculate NPS based on Social Metrics

Index NPS scores are calculated based on these methods:

  • NPS based on Consumer Net Promoter studies

    Customers are surveyed on one single question. They are asked to rate on a 10-point scale the likelihood of recommending the company or product/services to a friend or acquaintances. Based on their answers, the customers are then categorized into three segments: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. The score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

  • NPS based on Social Post Engagement

    Index NPS determines a company’s NPS by looking at their social post engagement, which classifies: Angry and Sad emotions as Detractors, Love as Promoters, and Likes as Passives. After the data is collected, the score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

3. How we update the NPS on Index NPS

Index NPS can update your NPS upon request when a valid source is presented, such as NPS benchmarks report, case study, NPS survey results, etc.

We also consider your customers NPS rating given directly on

NPS scores calculated based on Social Post Engagement are updated monthly.

How do I add or update NPS to Index NPS database?

Conduct an NPS survey through our partner "" and send an email with your final score results at

Contact us at and provide us with a valid source of your company’s NPS Score, such as NPS survey results conducted in-house or through a third party, case study, etc. and specify:

  • Company Name
  • Score
  • Source
  • Country
  • Industry

How do I claim my company?

To claim your company, please send an email to using your work email. Also, if you have an NPS score that was calculated in-house or using any other NPS tools, please provide us with any proof of its legitimacy.

How do I remove my company from your database?

Please email us at with the specified URL using your work email.

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